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At Sydney Drug Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s best drug defence team.

Our specialist drug defence lawyers are passionate about the law and possess the experience and expertise to defend all types of drug charges – and in many cases get charges dropped before they even reach court.

Our lawyers have exceptional courtroom skills and an excellent rapport with members of the legal profession, enabling us to consistently get the best results for our clients.

We fight for justice in cases that other lawyers have deemed ‘unwinnable,’ often helping our clients to avoid a criminal record.

Our team currently comprises seven expert drug lawyers, each of whom possesses a wealth of experience in order to ensure that our valued clients get the level of service that they deserve.

So whether you’ve been charged with small possession or commercial drug importation, look no further.

Give us a call on 02 9264 5778 now and speak to us about a FREE first consultation to discuss your matter.

Ugur Nedim
Ugur Nedim is the Principal of Sydney Drug Lawyers and an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist of the Law Society of NSW. He holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Master of Laws from Sydney University. His criminal law career spans over two decades, beginning as a law clerk with the criminal law firm Brezniak Neil-Smith and Co, and later working as a criminal defence lawyer at Freemans Solicitors, where he developed his expertise in areas including drink driving, assault and drug law. He opened Nedim Lawyers in 2001, which later became Sydney Criminal Lawyers, and then expanded to include Sydney Drug Lawyers. Since then he has worked on some of Sydney’s most notorious criminal cases, including Australia’s largest drug importation trial, involving $600m of heroin, in which he fought to have all clients found ‘not guilty.’ He has also worked on a number of vast drug cases including commercial importation, supply and possession. Ugur is dedicated and driven, with a proven track record of getting charges dropped for his clients when other lawyers have given up. His focus on criminal defence throughout his career has ensured that he has the specialist skills and expertise necessary to defend and win serious drug cases.
Jimmy Singh
Jimmy Singh is a Senior Member of our Drug Defence Team. Jimmy joined Sydney Drug Lawyers after working at a criminal law firm in Sydney for several years. Prior to this, he gained experience representing clients in criminal and traffic matters in rural areas such as Bathurst, Cooma, Dubbo and Orange. He is also a member of the Legal Aid Criminal Law Panel and lectures at Traffic Offender Programs across Sydney. His experience so far has allowed him to develop his courtroom skills, enabling him to become an exceptional advocate. He is particularly skilled at fighting difficult charges, and has a reputation for assisting clients in avoiding criminal convictions by getting them a ‘section 10,’ as well as helping mentally ill clients have their charges dismissed. Jimmy is a highly skilled and competent lawyer, with exemplary advocacy skills. He is a valuable member of our team.
Eddie Nedim
Ender (‘Eddie’) Nedim is a Senior Member of our Drug Defence Team. With over a decade of criminal defence experience under his belt, he succeeds in defending charges when other lawyers have admitted defeat. His superior knowledge of criminal law and procedure allows him to obtain excellent results for his clients in all types of drug cases, and in many cases he has had charges dropped, even when the prosecution case is strong. He is detail-oriented and goes to all lengths to assist his clients; consulting forensic experts, interviewing witnesses and familiarising himself with the relevant law in order to strengthen his case. He is a well-respected member of the legal profession and often provides advice and guidance to other lawyers on matters of law and advocacy.
Deniz Nedim
Deniz Nedim is an exceptional criminal defence lawyer who has represented clients in a range of drug cases including drug possession, drug supply and drug driving. His in-depth legal research skills, coupled with his ability to brief experts and his dedication to his clients enables him to assist our Senior Drug Lawyers in complicated hearings and trials. Deniz assists his clients using his diligence and expertise to make sure that cases are sufficiently prepared for trial. These traits ensure that is a valued member of the team at Sydney Drug Lawyers.
Avinash Singh
As a highly skilled criminal lawyer, Avinash has acted for clients in various criminal matters, including possession and supply of prohibited drugs. He possesses the drive and determination to ensure that his clients get the best outcome possible – in many cases he has had charges withdrawn before the matter proceeds to trial. Avinash is a detail-oriented, diligent lawyer who ensures that he is thoroughly prepared in each case. He assists senior lawyers and barristers with preparation for trials by obtaining relevant reports from experts, examining crime scenes and finding flaws in the prosecution case. These traits, coupled with his dedication to the law, ensure that Avinash is a valued member of our team.
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