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Sydney Drug Lawyers is a highly-respected criminal law firm that specialises in defending drug cases.

Our team of specialist drug lawyers has developed techniques over many years to have serious drug cases ‘dropped’ at an early stage and to win defended hearings and jury trials.

In fact, our team won Australia’s largest ever drug trial which involved the alleged importation of over 600 million dollars worth of heroin – all 3 of our clients were found ‘not guilty’.

We have won countless other serious drug cases over the years through our superior knowledge of the laws applicable to drug cases, our specialist experience and our dedication to ensuring that our clients are given the strongest possible representation in drug cases.

We are also highly successful at helping our clients to avoid criminal convictions if they wish to plead guilty to less-serious drug charges such as drug possession or minor drug supply.

So whether you want to avoid a conviction for a few pills at a festival, or get the strongest defence against commercial drug charges, rely on the experience and expertise of Sydney’s best drug defence team to fight for you every step of the way.

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